Saturday, March 27, 2021

Run 533

A damp morning saw six starters in the run along the banks of the Yarra this morning. The drizzle didn't stop some good times being recorded, though. Thanks to an injured Nada who came along to do the timekeeping duties this week.

First over the line this morning was Jozica, who unfortunately was running too fast and came in before the 30 minute mark and "breaking" this week. That left the win open for Atsuko in a nicely timed run. Monica managed to secure second place ahead of Paul and Jon. Jacinta walked the 3 km distance today and was the final person home.

There was one Personal Best time recorded this week:
Jozica took a full 46 seconds off her previous 5 km best time.

One other runner managed to run within 15 seconds of their PB:
Well run Monica.

As has been our tradition, there will not be a run on Easter weekend, so our next scheduled run is for Saturday 10 April at 7:30 am.

We awarded the trophy and prizes for last year's seasons today, realising that we had not given these awards out at any stage last year:
  • In season 31 at the start of 2020, the winner with 74 points from 8 runs including 3 wins was Monica, and the runner up with 67 points from 10 runs including 2 wins was Nada.
  • We combined seasons 32 and 33 as there were only a total of nine runs between the two seasons and the aggregate winner with 106 points from 7 runs (including 5 wins out of the 9 runs!) was Monica, with the runner up with 56 points from 9 runs (with 1 win) was Nada.

We also acknowledged Atsuko reaching 250 runs with the group a few weeks ago. Incredible running - keep up the good work, Atsu.

New runners and/or walkers are welcome at any stage during the season.