Sunday, July 5, 2020

Runs 514 and 515

We have begun running each week again (with fairly small numbers at the moment).

Last week there were 9 competitors. Thanks to Jacinta for doing the timing before completing your walk.

After handicaps were adjusted the results were as follows. Jacinta was first over the line in the 2 km distance, with Paul and Margaret walking the 2 km as well. Nada came in first place just ahead of Monic with Jon only 1 second behind he. Jozica managed fourth place ahead of Adrienne and Alicia was last over the line.

In the latest run this morning there were five starters. It was wet underfoot but the rain held off while we ran. Thanks to Doug for coming down to do the time-keeping duties today.

Paul was the only person to complete the 2 km distance. In the longer distances, Monica came in first place once the handicaps were adjusted. Nada managed second place ahead of Alicia and Jacinta was last over the line.

No-one managed a personal best time in either week, and only one person managed to come within 15 seconds of their PB in both weeks:
Well run Monica.

Next week the run will be on Saturday 11 July at 7:30 am.

We will continue to maintain social distancing at the start/finish line and would suggest that runners start soon after arriving and I will add in handicaps in as required. Also we will try to not have runners remain around at the end of the run (or continue to keep at least 1.5 metres apart).