Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Run 486

There were 15 starters in the run along the banks of the Yarra on Saturday running or walking each of the distances. Thanks yet again to Jacinta for coming down to do the time-keeping duties again this week. Thanks also to Quinton's SUPA IGA for the fruit they supply each week.

Everyone decided to take off and have the handicaps added on later. Paul and Margaret walked the 2 km distance (with Errol and Saga) this week. In the longer distances, once the times were adjusted for handicaps, Atsuko was first over the line in a beautifully timed 6 km run. Randall was in second place ahead of Kieran, with Monica and Kaje close behind in fourth and fifth. Hayden came in sixth position this week just one second ahead of Nada. Jon (and cinnamon) were in eighth place, with Cormick in ninth. Peter (and Max) were next and Tony, Steve and Dennis rounded out the field this week.

There was one personal best time recorded this week:
Well run Atsuko who took 17 seconds off her previous 6 km best time.

One other runner was within 15 seconds of their PB:
Well done Kaje.

Next week the run will be on Saturday 21 September at 7:30 am.

From the following week (28 September) we will be starting the run at 7:00 am.

New runners and/or walkers are welcome at any stage during the season.